Always Towel & Tampax Applicator
Always Towel & Tampax Applicator

Always Ultra Plus and Tampax Applicator Combo

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Part Number:H4044000200
  • Vend Carton Size:85 x 63 x 26 mm
  • Quantity per Master Case:200 Units
  • MOQ and Restritions:Minimum : 10 Units Sold in Bundles : 10 Units
The two best sellers now in a new box to provide full female protection.

The smartest and most discreet Tampax tampons with an applicator that is 2x smaller than Tampax cardboard tampons. The gentle plastic applicator with a soft tip is retractable, so when you are ready to use it just unwrap, extend and 'click' into place. Tampax Compak Regular tampons are for light to medium flow days. 

The Always with Wings pad can absorb 10x its weight yet you barely feel it. Micro holes pull liquid deep down for a dry feeling. Channels for leakage protection and flexibility. Ultra soft and thin. Dermatologically tested. 

A perfect combination pack to maximise service provision in limited column space.

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