Bahamian Adventure
Bahamian Adventure

Mojo Pro - Pheromone Soy Massage Candle (Bahamian Adventure)

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Our luxurious massage candles contain the same powerful blend of human derived pheromone as you'll find in Mojo Pro.

Sharing the same scent these high quality products contain a moisturising and nourishing combination of coconut oils and shea butter. The soy wax slowly melts at just a few degrees above body temperature, this results in a warm massage oil forming in a deep pool you can can pour directly from the curved edges of the metal tin onto your hand or for the more adventurous straight onto your partners skin. As the oil melts at a low temperature it simply feels like a warm pour. This product is part of our Kissable range and has a delicate flavour you'll be able to taste when kissing your partners skin after use.

Due to the high quality of our ingredients the massage oil is long lasting and you'll only need a little to go a long way. Whilst both enjoying the massage our pheromones will add to the relaxation and sexual attraction you experience, truly hedonistic.

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