Surviral Sachets x 3 Per Pack
Surviral Sachets x 3 Per Pack

Surviral Hand Sanitiser 3ml Triple Pack x 50

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Part Number:5060239681000
  • Content:9 ml (3 x 3ml)
  • Active Ingredients:1% Quaternary Ammonium Compound
  • Vend Carton Size:60 x 60 x 18mm
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Surviral hand sanitiser features unique DuoMax technology to provide the highest levels of cleansing and sanitising. Surviral is completely bleach and alcohol free and use a blend of non-hazardous ingredients. No other comparable brand can offer the same superior cleansing and sanitising capabilities.

Surviral has a 6 log reduction against bacteria, which means it kills 99.9999%. Unlike toxic and hazardous cleaning chemicals, Surviral is not harmful to humans, plants, animals or surfaces. Surviral does not even require a COSHH assessment and is fully compliant to REACH as well as BDP. Scientifically and independently proven by UKAS accredited laboratories, Surviral kills deadly pathogens. All products deliver up to 99.9999% reduction in viruses and bacteria. Data sheets and Test report are available upon request.

Supplied in a single use 3ml foil sachet it is simply applied in an adequate dosage to sanitise your hands in seconds. There are three sachets inside every small pack vending carton offering customers repeat value in an easy to carry format.

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